The Human Body’s Endo-Cannabinoid System

We are all born with an endo-cannabinoid system inside of our bodies.

Numerous studies around the world have shown that this intricate endo-cannabinoid system is an internal structure of the human body that oversees all systems and processes, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

It assures that the body is in a healthy balance and allowing it to function optimally.


This system is there to regulate the workings of the other systems in the human body, including the neurological, endocrine, cardiovascular, mood/memory, muscular, immune, digestive, skeletal and reproductive systems.

It also regulates movement and inflammation occurrence. All these processes and regulation are usually naturally happening in the body.

Endo-cannabinoids act on receptors throughout the body signaling the action of cells keeping our body in a delicate homeostasis. Endo-cannabinoid messengers help the cells communicate. Typically they protect our good cells, while killing the bad ones, like cancer cells.

The endo-cannabinoids already in our bodies did an efficient job for hundreds of thousands of years working as tumour regulators, free radical scavengers and anti-inflammatory agents. Then, once we entered the industrial age, with all its pollution and chemical doctrine of food, the endo-cannabinoids became overwhelmed and could not keep up with the task of keeping us healthy and protected from toxins. This is when body discomforts, ailments and diseases enter.

This can mean that our internal endo-cannabinoid system is depleted and like any other vitamin/mineral, we may need to supplement.

The endo-cannabinoids work with the biochemistry of the human body, on a holistic and cellular level, to restore balance to our intuitive healthy state.

To keep our cells happy and healthy.