Vape CI Clear


Mindfully delicious!

CI Clear concentrate is a first in South Africa and the only one of its kind to be found locally.

CI Clear is made using a careful extraction process where specialised technology is used to heat cannabis essential oils to precise temperatures that concentrate only the essential compounds from the cannabis plant, known as cannabinoids.

The result of this process is a thick golden potion that gives you all the flavour and benefits of the plant flowers and is also the cleanest and most highly effective medication available.

High in THC, this distillate is not mixed with any synthetic solvents. Aroma and flavour is added by re-introducing organic, steam-distilled terpenes, which bring back the chemical fingerprints of the specific strains.

This gives CI Clear its flavour, aroma and additional medical benefits for body and mind.

These organic, steam distilled terpenes add to CI Clear the unique effect profile of each specific strain, packaging up the complex nuanced experience that we mindfully come to enjoy.

Our raw materials used in this delicate extraction process are of the highest quality and organically grown outdoors in a natural and tranquil environment. The plants are nurtured and cared for by individuals with the intention to provide a pure experience free from pesticides, chemicals, solvents or any other pollutants.

Vaping does not burn the concentrate. Vaping will only heat the air around the CI Clear concentrate to a temperature where the desired components are released without being combusted.

CI Clear in our vape cartridges is the purest, natural, all organic, cannabis distillate, with the best tasting flavours.
Our CI Clear cartridges contain only Clear, MCT Oil and terpenes. The MCT (medium chain triglyceride) Oil is of vegetable origin and is used for best vape viscosity. There are absolutely no solvents present in our vape cartridges.

We are committed to providing you with a mindfully pure product for optimal results and a happy experience.

Currently the CI Clear Vape Cartridges are available with the following strains’ terpene profiles: Blue Dream, Blue Cheese, Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Super Sour Diesel and Tangie.

For more information on the individual terpene profiles please visit our product catalogue or contact us should you require any other information.